The Christening

When our little man got his name we, being the most Italian Icelandic loud family I know, had a party.  As it was in the afternoon there were mostly cakes and other yummy things.  As for themes it was a quite traditional light-blue-baby-boy-kinda-party.  My mom made a Kransakaka, and from the google-ing I gather that this seems to be the Icelandic traditional wedding cake, even though my mom apperantly does not realise that as she uses every and any excuse to make one – lucky us!
To decorate it I simply took a light blue ribbon and looped it together into small bows – fastening then with a pearlpin.  A big bow on top and some seasonal Easter M&M´s and la voila 🙂
I do love my cupcake stand that I bought at Crate and Barrel, it has served us well and does bring height and flair to the table, literally!
Then there was The Cake, the cake that held the name – I´m not sure if this is a tradition everywhere?
But here it is in all its glory, anybody hungry now?

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