DIY – crystals on a lampshade…

I had been longing for a crystal light fixture, as shown in the picture below.  The only problem was that I was not willing to pay all the $ and I really wanted a similar light but a table lamp.
So I deceided to make one myself.  I had a black lampshade in the garage and a lampbase, both from Ikea..
I used to have a “crystal-chandelier”, also from Ikea (has anyone started to notice a pattern forming regarding a Ikea-adddiction) and after it had served its purpose I saved the crystals to use on a later date.
I deceided this was the later date so I re-arranged my crystals as I wanted them and simply attached them to the lampshade.
I just arranged the crystals as I saw fit and liked.
This was very simple and Im very happy with the end results.
So this little lamp, made on a budget, seems to enjoy his stay on the corner table in my living room

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