Girly corner…

…here in Iceland its traditional for babies to sleep in their parents bedrooms, at least for the first few months.  So when a good friend of mine asked me for help to create a little haven for their little girl I jumped to the chance.

…we deceided on a neutral color scheme.  Just a hint of pink and then simply enjoy the beauty of simple things.  We bought a few old, golden frames at the local Goodwill and replaced the back with cork.
…we used small pins to fasten the itsy bitsy teeny weeny cute chlothes in the frame…
…we really wanted to keep the frames in their original gold color.  The gold added warmth and character.
…I adore the chair that they already had in the master bedroom.  I think its from Pier1…
…I think this is one of the most beautiful coats that I have ever seen, I wonder if they have it in my size?…
…see, even the bear wants it 🙂 …
…this gorgeous coat rack was already in the room – luvs it….
…we used Alvine curtains from Ikea to create the canopy for the bed and hung it on a rod that is supposed to be used outdoors for flowerpots…
…I adore the wall color, so soothing!
…I adore the bed and bedding…
…this small wallshelf was bought at Bauhaus, its the perfect size for the space…
…here you can see the before of the master bedroom:
…and then after:
…here we had placed the canopy but we had yet to style the walls:
…and after everything was put in their right place:
…I adore the lacy curtain canopy and then the lacy book shelves on the wall!
…and talking about the lacy shelves.  These are Liksidig napkin holders from Ikea.  At just $ 3.95 – you cant beat that price 😉
…we just drilled them to the wall, a very simple solution…
…and I have to say that I adore them!  They would also look wonderful in a kitchen for cookbooks!
 The entire project cost just over $100
…ohhhh my, look at the shoes…
…we were quite pleased witht the end results…
So do you have a favorite piece?
The lacy shelves?
The frames?
Making spaces for kids is one of my favorite things.
I think this looks soft and inviting 🙂


  • Judith
    May 9, 2012 - 1:46 pm | Permalink

    SO sweet! I’m a new granny and have made a note of some of your great ideas to show my daughter for my granddaughter’s little nook in their room!

    • July 2, 2012 - 9:45 pm | Permalink

      Very cool shelves!! Love all the derfefint designs. So original, and a great focal point to a room. Books are so beautiful to look at, and when displayed like that well, it makes them rock out loud. Love it!!Lynne

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