Cake stand….

…ohh my dear sweet cake stand.
I bought this clear cake stand in Ikea once opon a time.  Then one, not such a sweet day, the poor dear fell and it got broken.  That is, the bottom half of it.
So I am left with the dish without a foot and what to do?
Then while going through some boxes in the garage I found this old candlestick and then a lightbulb went off…
….I got utterly convinced that these two could become friends for life…
…my husband was not as sure about the friendship but he took it upon himself to find the superclue and clue them together…
…but not before I sprayed the clear dish, upside down, with black spaypaint, and the candlestick received the same treatment.  You can see the how the foot was broken and because of this it had to be a candlestick that was a bit hollow to make the dish level again…
…and after all the I was the proud owner of a brand new cake stand!
…and looking good!  If I say so myself 🙂
…Im very happy that I deceided to keep the plate black, it makes a nice contrast to the white tabletop…
…so, you like?
Would you have saved it as well?
Recycling all the way!

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