The little man´s nursery..

so my littie man has a nursery in the making.  I deceided to keep the wall in the dark chocolate brown that really added some warmth to the room.  Also we had a dresser that we re-used.  So the main colors were brown, light lime green and light blue.
And like in so many other nurseries these days there are owls, there are owls and a lot of them.
So here is the 1st of many posts on the nursery:
The bed is from a brand called Small World, the bumper is Dwell and the quilt is Circo…
 The shelf is by Ikea
 The alphabet is a small DIY project, as well as the Owl
 Classic Pooh and his pals watch over the little baby boy
The blue canvases have wall decals on them, Circo from Target
….and then at last: the sweet little guy who lives in the room.


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